Lakeside Heritage Trail Overview


Lakeside Heritage Trail Overview


A newly created lakeside heritage trail which stops at 11 of the more interesting and accessible heritage sites around the lake.


The Blessington Lakes are nestled in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains. The waters of this man made reservoir form the centrepiece in the landscape around which a very rich and unique local history and heritage can be explored. Whether you are cycling, driving or walking, there are a wealth of stories and folklore to be discovered in the local landmarks; giving glimpses of Neolithic settlements and flooded villages; granite stone cutting traditions and the rebuilding of Dublin after the 1916 Rising. The lakes and surrounding area are popular with outdoor enthusiasts and host a wonderful natural environment, recognised as a Special Area of Conservation for the internationally important population of Greylag Goose and a host of overwintering birds. Look out for these and other wildlife as you explore this very special part of Wild Wicklow.

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The Lakeside Heritage Project was co-ordinated by the Heritage Office of Wicklow County Council in association with the local community of the Blessington Lakeside Area. It was carried out as an action of the County Wicklow Heritage Plan in 2015 and funded by the Heritage Council and Wicklow Council.


ActiveMe Tourism Media and Heritage Services


Local Interviews, discussions with locals and academics, literature review, online research and local library resources.

The South Dublin Library already has a significant library of well documented and catalogued historic and old images of the Blessington Area.  Seach for any keyword here

See the historic image results from a 'Blessington' search here

See the collection of 146 images from contributor and local resident Aidan Cruise here

any more historical and old photographs can also been see in the videos below.


Wicklow County Council


Oct 2015


Full Multimedia Releases on all project media

Interpretive Text

See Below a video called 'Beneath the Poulaphuca Reservoir' by Christiaan Corlett

See below a video called 'Beneath the Blessington Lakes' by Tom Bowen

See below a ballad about the townland of Ballinahown and coming of the Poulaphuca Reservoir in 1939 by Batkinane. Thanks to Chris Corlett, Glen Cullen, Jim Clarke, Linda Duncan, Dave Barton for the photographs.

See below a short documentary about Harry Clarke from RTE's Nationwide programme from

Christiaan Corlett talks to Joe Mahon of UTV Irelands Lesser Spotted Journeys about the recent archaeological discoveries on the shores of the Poulaphuca Reservoir and the impact that the creation of this lake has had on the landscape since it was created in 1940.

Cycle Parking

Although there is cycle parking available in Blessington town, there are no official cycle parking facilities available at the site on the trail around the lake. However, there are plenty of suitable cycle stops on the trail

Parking Available

Car parks and picnic areas are available at the majority of heritage sites on the trail. Otherwise there is also parking layby areas that can be used,

Category of Interest

The Heritage sites on the trail cover a wide variety of interests, topics and other eras.

Opening Times

The majority of sites are open to the public at all times.



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